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Um, Was GOT’s “Melisandre” Secretly in “House of the Dragon” — Some Fans Have Theories About the Red Witch

It sure does look like the series is hinting at something.

After a banger of a season finale, we can't help but wonder what's going to happen next on House of the Dragon. Well a few people on TikTok believe that a character from Games of Thrones has been showing up in HOTD under our noses — and if they're right it could mean big things for the rest of the series. 

The theory has been popping up everywhere on TikTok, but a few people really believe that Melisandre has already appeared in HOTD.

One theory was shared by TikTok creator Drew Tillman (@drewmtillman) from Los Angeles, California, who made a strong connection between Melisandre and Talya.

"So I know that we're all wondering if Talya is a younger Melisandre and I feel like this scene is pretty intentional about her gazing into the flame, which to me feels like a confirmation," he explained, as a clip from the show played behind him. "Maybe she's not even the Red Witch yet, maybe she's about to be," he added.

"I think episode 9 of House of the Dragon gave us a clue about Talya being Melisandre," he wrote in the caption. 

Woah, woah, woah. Is it possible that Melisandre has been in HOTD this whole darn time?! That would be so out there, although we know to never put anything past the showrunners. 

Some people totally could see it. "This is probably her origin story," @thecrayzies guessed. "Hmmmm, never considered this one. Great observation! The show needs the Red Witch… it’s missed," @brett_4ever commented. "I was thinking the same thing," @gnm505 agreed.

But not everyone online was so sure that this was the real deal. "She doesn’t look like her to me. And she looks her age or older and I feel like at this point we’d be introduced to her at a younger age," wrote @cassie_whitman. "Melisandre was nowhere near Westeros at the time. She's also letting Mysaria know the king is dead with the candles," @thunderhawk727 added. "I thought she was 400 years old in GOT....this is only 200 years early right ...maybe I am just confused," @destinyhoperose shared. 

We're not sure if this theory totally hangs together, but we'd really like to believe!