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Woman Shares Major Explainer On What Helaena Targaryen's "Dragon Dreamer" Powers Might Be

That explains everything.

The last few episodes of House of the Dragon have been jam-packed with action. So you might've missed one huge Easter egg in the last episode involving one of the show's newest characters. We don't know much about Helaena Targaryen (yet) — but one woman on TikTok is explaining why you might want to keep an eye on her from here on out. 

The TikToker, who goes by @hotdthoughtswithgracie, used her eagle-eyed observation to explain one lightning fast scene in the last episode. 

"House of the Dragon episode 6 deep dive. Helaena predicts and foreshadows Aemond losing an eye," she wrote in the video's text overlay. Yep, the TikToker believes that Helaena has Dragon Dreamer powers — or in other words, an ability to see into the future. "This whole conversation between Alicent and Helaena that we saw was about sight and about the unknown. I don't think that, and her foreshadowing how Aemond loses his eye, which we already know how it happens in the book, is a coincidence," she explained. 

"Once is a coincidence, twice seems to be a pattern," she added. 

We totally believe it and people in the comments section were pretty convinced. "She is ABSOLUTELY a dragon dreamer," @hallowed.harpy wrote. "SAME! I legit was talking to my husband that now we have a series with Targaryens in it we're going to see dreamers even if we weren't told," @e.g.harrison chimed in. "When Alicent reaffirms her with 'there are some things beyond our understanding' they may already have talked about her dreams," @septumdeviatedaf added. 

There's something about this theory that we really love. Here's hoping we get to see Helaena use her powers more ASAP.