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TikTok Points Out Major Flaw in This Week's "House of the Dragon" and People are Cracking Up

We have been absolutely loving this season of House of the Dragon. Every episode has been jam-packed! But that doesn't mean the show is without its flaws — including one major one that one woman on TikTok pointed out on TikTok. And yep, she was really onto something there. 

Marina (@marinachiling) made the hilarious observation in a video that has since gone viral. Was it her or was episode 7 just a tad too dark?

"Me trying to watch the beach scene with Daemon and Rhaenyra," she wrote in the video's text overlay. The video shows Marina trying in vain to watch the episode — so much so that she even pulled out the flashlight app on her phone to try and see what was what. 

"Truly thought my TV screen was broken for a hot second," she joked in the caption. 

The video has since been watched over 2.5 million times — and yes, other people could relate. "Haha I’m glad it wasn’t just me.. I was like why is this entire episode so dark and hard to see!" @ashleyandmollycats wrote in the comments section. "It wasn’t even just this scene it was like half the episode. I watched in pitch black and still had trouble seeing," @softpretzel3 agreed. "I had to block my Xbox light because it was brighter than the whole TV," @joepra31 joked. 

While other people thought the episode was a-okay. "Mine was fine. It depends on the quality of your TV," @wemmsi argued. "IDK how you all haven’t caught on. HOTD and GOT need to be watched in the dark. Since forever. Turn the lights off lol," @lilyofthevalleylover added. "People need to invest in better TV’s something with good HDR," @tickytoks3 chimed in. 

Although it's not exactly fair to ask viewers to change their TV set-ups just for one show. Or as Marina joked later in the thread: "BRB upgrading my TV just for HoTD."