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The Original Cast of “Hocus Pocus” Discusses Virgin Theory and TBH We Never Thought of This

We hope we're not the only ones who remembered that a huge plot point in the Hocus Pocus hinges on Max's virginity. Nope, we didn't think so! In fact, the whole a-virgin-has-to-light-the-Sanderson-sisters-magic-candle-thing has bothered one interviewer so much that he recently asked two of the actors from the original movie some burning questions about it. And you definitely need to see their answers. 

Castmates Vinessa Shaw and Omri Katz (who played Allison and Max respectfully) were recently grilled by moderator Jeff Depaoli from the Disney Coast to Coast podcast during an interview.

"Do you think the spell would've worked if Allison had lit the candle?" Depaoli asked in the clip from the @haunted_attractions TikTok page. To which both actors seemed to plead the fifth. But his follow-up question was even more interesting. "Max was [a virgin], but do you think Max was by the end of the movie?" he wondered. You'll have to watch the clip for yourself to see their answers, but Depaoli's argument that he wasn't is pretty convincing. 

People in the comments section had strong feelings about the interview. "Tell me you read too much into things without telling me…." @bourbonfoxx wrote. "I wouldn't say that the spell didn't work Winnie just ran out of time cuz of the sun. If it didn't work then he wouldn't have became all misty lookin,'" @kriskake1994 chimed in. "It didn't work because she was on hallowed ground. That's what I choose to believe. Even if he was still, that trumps a potion," @stormandsomecats argued. 

Obviously it's up to viewers' interpretation, but the video has definitely given us some food for thought.