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Kathy Najimy Interview Resurfaces Where She Confesses She Was Worried How “Hocus Pocus” Might Impact Real Witches

There's no doubt about it, we all really love Hocus Pocus. We mean, who doesn't dream of secretly being a witch? But we have to applaud an interview from Hocus Pocus 2 star Kathy Najimy that recently resurfaced, where she expresses some concern that the movie might negatively affect real witches. Take a look!

The clip was shared onto TikTok by creator @theriveroaksredneck and shows an old Today Show interview Najimy gave before the first Hocus Pocus came out in 1993.

"At the risk of having America roll their eyes I just feel supportive of all groups," she explained. "And I know that there are groups of witches out there. I'm not a witch and I don't know any personally, but when I read the script I thought this is really perpetuating a stereotype about an evil ugly witch and I know that there are groups of really strong women who sort of bond together, [who] are very spiritual and powerful. I didn't want to be part of, you know, perpetuating that myth," she added. 

Najimy even shared that many of the earliest women accused of being witches were healthcare workers and healers — but you'll have to watch the whole clip to see her explanation of how things became so twisted. 

The comments section were in totally awe of Najimy speaking out. "She was brave, I will always respect her for this," @vaylaryann wrote. "That's an awesome woman right there. Kathy you're great!" @michael06301983 praised. "WOW! For anyone not alive in the 90's, people really weren't like this in media and I am so impressed," @wilderness1964 explained. 

But one commenter really said it best: "What a kind and thoughtful soul," @am0mda gushed. We totally agree!