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People Can Now Rent the Sanderson Sisters' Cottage From "Hocus Pocus" — and You'll Never Guess Who Got a First Look

Have you ever loved a movie so much you just wish you could live in that world? Well now fans of Hocus Pocus can! That's right, Airbnb has recently announced that people can now stay in the Sanderson sisters' cottage from the movie. And actress Kimberly J. Brown (from Halloweentown) was recently asked to have the very first stay. 

The Disney actress shared her incredible vacation in Salem (okay, Danvers, Massachusetts) on her TikTok page @officialkjb — and we don't admitting that we are totally jealous. 

"In celebration of Disney's Hocus Pocus 2 coming out on September 30, Airbnb invited me to stay at their Sanderson sisters' cottage for a night of enchantment. So as a fellow witch of course I had to say yes," Brown said in the clip. 

When we tell you that it's exactly what we've always dreamed of — it's EXACTLY what we've always dreamed of. Winifred's cauldron included. They even haver her spellbook!

There are tons of other props from the movie too. "Here I found some of the Sanderson Sisters' potions and brews," Brown explains as she walks through the cottage. When it's time for bed you can sleep in the very same loft that Mary and Sarah slept in. So cool! 

"Winifred's bedroom in the basement, we'll just leave alone," Brown joked. 

If you're just dying to get nab the Airbnb before you could say abracadabra, Airbnb is now accepting bookings on their website. Now go have a totally magical time!