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Woman on TikTok Has the Craziest Fan Theories About What Happened in "Hocus Pocus 2"

She's three steps ahead of all of us.

By now you've probably watched (an re-watched) Hocus Pocus 2. So you might consider yourself a Hocus Pocus 2 expert. Well think again! One woman on TikTok is sharing some brilliant theories on what she thought is really going on in the new movie. Take a look!

Admittedly, we totally missed some of the points that @cheekypeachdesignco made in the video. But now that we know them we're completely changed. 

She first wanted to answer a question that's been spreading online: are Dani and Mother Witch the same person? The two seem to have very similar costumes in the movies. "My theory is no. I think she's just dressed up as her like as if we would dress up as the Sanderson sisters," the TikToker explained. 

She also had another seriously hot take. "Moving forward, Mother Witch is absolutely still alive," she said. "'Does that mean she's been eating children this whole time?' Um, yeah!" she exclaimed, before expanding on how she believes Mother Witch stayed alive. "In the movie it shows us clearly that she is the bird. She straight-up pulled a Professor McGonagall and transformed from a critter into a witch," she added. "Immediately, we see her go for Sarah like a boss and try to give her the potion and might I add, if she's got a little bottle on her she is packing that stuff in bulk, okay?" 

There are other theories in the video, but you'll have to watch it for yourself! 

People in the comments section were really into these ideas. "Looooove these theories!" @alekwitha_k wrote. "You are on to something here," @kiaramahoney21 agreed. "I love how in-depth you get," a third commenter wrote.

We'd have to agree. These theories are seriously smart.