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"Hocus Pocus 2" is Out — Here are 5 Things You Don't Want to Miss In the Sequel

It feels like we've been waiting forever for the new Hocus Pocus sequel, but at last the day is finally here. Yep, starting today you can see Winnie, Mary, and Sarah Sanderson back in action, but before you watch you might want to check out the video from TikTok Sahara (@borderlinemillennials) who made a list of the things you need to know before tuning in. 

Nothing in the TikToker's video will spoil the movie for you, but you should definitely be aware that things are just a bit different this time around. 

First things first, all three sisters are back for the sequel. "The second thing is that what they show you in the trailers actually only happens in the first portion of the movies, so they don't give away too much information," Sahara explained. "Which I really appreciate," she added. 

If you were a big fan of the music in the first film — Hello "I Put A Spell on You" — this movie won't leave you disappointed. "You're going to have some absolute bangers that will make you want to dance along to this movie," she said. We won't share all of Sahara's helpful hints, but you should check out the video to see them all.

People in the comments section were stoked. "I am PUMPED!!! Gonna do a whole event for me and my sister to watch together. Gonna have themed food and drinks!" @rainbowshinelove exclaimed. "I’ve never been more excited for a movie," @butterpastagirl chimed in. "I’m so excited to hear about new songs! I can’t wait to see it!" @sparkoffigment agreed. 

Although we think one person said it best: "Ok you just got me even MORE excited," @_xomoee0 wrote. 

Check out Hocus Pocus 2 on Disney+ today.