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We Can't Stop Looking at The *Ahem* Unique Costume Heidi Klum Wore to Her Annual Halloween Party

We have to give it to her, no one else did this costume at least.

There is no one — NO ONE — who does Halloween as big as Heidi Klum does. The supermodel and "Project Runway" host does it big every year and very rarely does she do something boring. Well this year she didn't let any of us down, although we have to admit her costume is sort of creepy.

In the past, Klum broke the internet with her show-stopping costumes. Including last year where she not only dressed up like a zombie, but did a full movie to accompany it too. But this year...well this year was just a bit different.

Your eyes aren't deceiving you — the world's most beautiful woman dressed up like a worm. Ah, we can't unsee it! Why, Heidi why?!

With over 10 million views online, people were actually sort of into the unusual costume. "Heidi Klum is to Halloween as Mariah Carey is to Christmas," wrote @starlight12567. "Heidi is the only supermodel since the 90's who actually celebrated Halloween every year with a crazy costume," @talzu pointed out. "Heidi just magically appearing every Halloween, slaying, and then vanishing for the next 364 days," @vahjyna joked. "The only woman that can nail every costume but picks the most random ones," @artist.on.caffeine teased. 

According to Vogue, it took Klum more than two years to brainstorm the costume. 

“I like to do something unexpected, so I tried to think of a costume that is super absurd, but also very familiar,” she told the magazine. “Because it is Halloween, you need the creepy factor—also a bit gross and disgusting.” 

She even gave an interview from the ground while on the red carpet of her big Halloween bash. And just take a look all the hard work it took to get her from supermodel — to super gross. 

And that's why she's the Queen of Halloween.