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Star Wars Fans Rejoice! Harrison Ford is Officially Joining the MCU

Oh, Indy!

There is pretty much no movie that an appearance from Harrison Ford wouldn't make better. So you know we're cheering after hearing that the former Star Wars star is joining the Marvel universe. Yep, get ready to see him in several upcoming MCU films!

TikTok creator @supes shared the sup-er news (see what we did there?) in a recent video on their page. "Harrison Ford is joining Marvel!!!" he exclaimed in the caption. 

"He's going to be playing this character," the TikToker said. "Harrison Ford is going to be replacing William Hurt as 'Thunderbolt' Ross. William Hurt passed away but it's clear that Marvel still has plans for his character so they got Harrison Ford to step in," he added. If that weren't exciting enough, Ford is slated to appear in the new Captain America: New World Order and the upcoming Thunderbolts movie. 

But wait there's more, "It's very clear that Marvel is introducing a ton of new Hulks in the MCU, so us finally seeing Thunderbolt Ross transform into Red Hulk is inevitable," he added. Red. Hulk. Okay, now we're even more excited. 

People in the comments section were ready for this big change. "Harrison Ford as Red Hulk would be amazing," @pt.acion wrote. "Holyyyyyy, my boy Harrison joining the MCU and maybe even becoming Red Hulk let’s GOOOOO," @_nahbruh07_ added. "So now Indiana Jones is playing Red Hulk, I’m happy. Don’t get me wrong William Hurt was great in the movies but this has to be good," @mattchu11404 agreed. "This is great news just sad we can’t see Hurt as Red Hulk," @genghis._.khann chimed in.

According to Variety, the movie is slated to be released on May 3, 2024.