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Jamie Lee Curtis Caught Getting Emotional On Last Day of “Halloween Ends”

It’s a huge legacy she leaves behind.

Halloween Ends isn't just the final chapter in the story of Laurie Strode and Michael Myers — it's the end of the role of a lifetime for actress Jamie Lee Curtis. The actress didn't take her final days on set lightly either. And now a clip of Curtis breaking down in tears during the last day of filming has gone viral online. 

The sweet moment was shared by the Halloween actress herself (@jamieleecurtis). Clearly she was feeling overwhelmed by finishing the project. 

"Ladies and gentlemen sometimes these kind of things just never end," a male voice can be heard from off camera. "But I say with conviction that I think this time it truly is ending," he added. 

The look on Curtis' face says it all. She's barely holding it together, while the man continues to say that "it's [Curtis'] legacy and it's now part of ours and it's sad to say that our inspiration and our drive is ending today," he added. 

Curtis ends the clip by thanking the cast and crew for their hard work on the series, the first of which she starred in when she was just 23 years old. "Endings are truly a b—ch," she joked in the caption.

People in the comments section were just as touched. "Regardless of fan and critic opinion I'm glad that Laurie Strode got a happy ending after 44 years," @loquaciousspecter wrote. "The queen of horror! Thank you, Jamie for letting all of us grow up watching you making cinematic history! You truly are a LEGEND," @valleyofthedeadd added. "This is truly saddening. I grew up wit Halloween. I grew up to you being the only Laurie strode ever to mankind. You did great. We all love you," @ajayvanortwick agreed. 

We couldn't have said it better ourselves.