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Fan Has Theory On Why "Halloween Ends" Won't Be the Last Movie in the Franchise

Okay, this is pretty darn convincing.

After 44 years the Halloween franchise is coming to an end — or is it? Just like the movie's long-enduring villain Jason, one fan on TikTok isn't convinced that the next movie in the series, Halloween Ends, will meet its demise. And TBH, we really think he's onto something. 

The theory is so darn interesting. Thank goodness that TikTok creator @hauntingseason decided to share it with all of us. Take a look at the video below.

"Once again, the Halloween series is 'coming to an end,' [...] but I think I've found a way to evolve it past Michael Myers," he said. "They have to end something. A lot of people think it's going to be Laurie that dies, which would be a crime. But writing off Michael Myers would be too, right?" The TikToker then said that he wonders if Michael Myers would be able to transcend his own death and "become an evil entity that can posses people causing them to carry out his slow-walking, mouth-breathing massacres on Haddonfield?" 

Consider our minds absolutely blown. That would be so cool! People in the comments section had their own theories about what's going to happen. "Mutually assured destruction. They both are [killed], bringing closure to both their stories and ensuring we don't see another Halloween again," @readycomicsroll wrote. "Have to say, I don't hate your take on this," @shaneomachearcomdahorror chimed in. "That's really interesting right direction could take it to some really good places," @blindbiggie agreed. 

We can't wait to see what really happens when the movie opens on October 14.