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Here's What Audiences Might've Missed in the New "Halloween Ends"

Inserts *magnifying glass emoji*.

You might consider yourself an expert of the Halloween horror series — but is it possible that you missed certain Easter eggs in the new movie? It's certainly seems that way, just take a look at the video shared by one TikTok user who found some hidden gems that you most likely missed. 

All of the juicy details were shared by TikTok creator @jbuckstudios, who picked up on all of the Easter eggs — big and small. 

One thing you might've missed? "The opening and closing credits have the same font and coloring as Halloween 3: Season of the Witch," he explained. Oooohhhh. Interesting! Another nod to a previous installment of the series? There was a shot of Laurie looking out the window at Corey Cunningham, "and then him disappearing. It's identical to the original where she looks out at Michael," he explained. Laurie's knitting needles make an appearance in both films too.

There are so many more Easter eggs that the TikToker named, but you'll have to watch the video for yourself to see them all. 

People in the comments section were stunned — and had other Easter eggs to share. "They were watching the original Thing movie in the first Halloween, and when Michael stabs the woman into the wall it’s a callback to him killing Linda’s boyfriend in the first film," wrote @joshuahatheway. "Blue Oyster Cult was playing in the supermarket too," @antd54 pointed out. "Did anyone notice the Ad for Phelps Garage on Laurie's fridge???" @timothycason wondered. "Maybe it's just me but the HS kids drove that black convertible similar to Halloween 5," @chelrenay wondered. 

Hmmm, all of these are excellent points. Time for a re-watch!