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People are Preparing to Say Goodbye to Meredith Grey After Last Night's Heartbreaking Episode of "Grey's Anatomy"

We're not ready for her to go.

It seems almost impossible to believe, but yes, after 19 seasons Meredith Grey's days at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital are coming to an end. Is that crazy or what?! In fact, things really seemed to fall apart in the fall finale of Grey's Anatomy. Including Meredith's home, which caught fire soon after she announced to the whole hospital that she was leaving Seattle for good. 

Fans of the show were already heartbroken by Meredith's exit, but there was something about watching the home she's had since season one burn down that really hit home.

"Meredith Grey watching her house - place which she offered to so many of her loved ones, where her husband and kids lived, burn down to nothing," fan account @meredithcomfort wrote online. 

According to Entertainment Weekly, all three of Meredith's kids were thankfully rescued from the house fire. But it was the perfect bookend to the start of the episode, when Meredith sent an email to the entire staff of Grey Sloan Memorial and told them she was moving to Boston. 

Other people online were just as upset by the scene. "MEREDITH GREY LEAVING SEATTLE WITH JUST THIS POST-IT AND DEREK’S KIDS I WILL NEVER RECOVER FROM THIS," @The_GreyMethod exclaimed. "It's just the end of an era. Goodbye house of Meredith Grey. Goodbye Grey's Anatomy (I'm crying)," @staywithgaetani added. "Seeing Meredith Grey holding the post-it years later SCREAMING," @merdersbff wrote. 

In real life, the change happened after actress Ellen Pompeo decided to walk away from the series. Collider reports that February 23 will mark Meredith's final departure from the show, and will also be the start of the second half of the season. 

We're so sad that Meredith will be leaving, but don't worry Grey's Anatomy fans. The show will go on!