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Adorable Grandmom Takes Notes During Marvel Movies for Special Reason

This is so cute, we cannot handle it!

We really can't get over this video on TikTok which shows one grandmother going the extra mile to connect to her grandkids. Not only did the woman marathon ALL of the Marvel movies (no small task to begin with), she took notes on all of the movies so she could talk about them with her grandkids later. Is that not the sweetest thing?

The adorable video was shared by TikTok creator @jacksonkinged, who caught the grandma attempting to plow through one of the (many) Marvel movies. 

"Gran is watching through all the Marvel movies and she takes notes on them so she can remember things from the movies to talk to the grandkids about," he wrote in the video's text overlay. 

We love that she has her pen poised, ready to jot down an important plot point! Although we can't really tell which movie she's watching. 

The video has since been watched over 2.3 million times and other people wished she was their grandma too. "She is everyone's gran now and we will ride at dawn if needed," @becksm1026 wrote. "So have you kids seen ……… looks at the paper ….. that Spider-Man guy?“ @steventhorkelsen joked. "That’s awesome. At least she’s trying to have stuff in common," @jmthrnt explained. "Prime example of love - putting in effort to connect. Hope those grand babies learn by example," @sybrenhall agreed. 

We love grandparents who put in the time to connect on a deeper level with their grandkids. This woman is our vote for grandmother of the year! But now we're left with a burning question: which Marvel movie is her favorite?! There's a real difference between being big on Tony Stark or being a Dr. Strange fan. Hmmm, we guess we'll have to live with these burning questions...