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George R.R. Martin Says He's 3/4 Done Writing 'The Winds of Winter' — And Fans Are Mixed About the News

"It's been too damn long," wrote one commenter.

Right on the tail of this weekend's season finale of House of the Dragon, author George R. R. Martin is giving us a huge update on the "Winds of Winter," the next book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series. "I think I’m about three-quarters of the way done," he said. 

Sharing a clip from an interview Martin gave promoting "The Rise of the Dragon," Twitter user @ladydragonjj said it best: "3/4 done with Winds of Winter. Straight from George," she wrote in a tweet from October 24. 

According to Gizmodo, Martin was being interviewed on a livestream for Penguin Random House. 

“It’s a big, big book, I’ve said that before. It’s a challenging book. It’s probably gonna be a larger book than any of the previous volumes in the series,” he said. 

“Dance with Dragons and Storm of Swords are the two largest books in the series, they were both about 1,500 manuscript pages," he continued. "I think this one is going to be longer than that by the time I’m finished with it, and I think I’m about three-quarters of the way done, maybe? But that’s not 100 percent done, so I have to continue work on it.”

He also stressed that the new book won't be out anytime soon. "Of course, then there’s the issue here of my friends at Random House, when I deliver this monstrous book that will be as big as a dragon,” he said. “Are they going to try to make me cut it in two? We’ll find out about that, but first I have to finish it, I have to get it all done.”

Unfortunately for George, not everyone on Twitter really believed he was going to finish the novel. "Three-fourths?! I understand with everything added to his plate over the years thanks to HBO, but still you figured they would be a little more inclined for more source material," wrote @Arkin_TW. "So like 5 more years," @MrCoryPants joked. "I will celebrate when he says 4/4 because I have heard that before," @TurinAlia added. 

Obviously, we all really want the next A Song of Ice and Fire book to come out. So we're not going to get our hopes up just yet...