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It Looks Like Studio Ghibli is Working on a Top Secret Project With Lucasfilm and People are Hyped

Wait — WHAT.

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. The collab that no one saw coming was teased on Thursday and we really don't know what to expect. On Twitter, Studio Ghibli announced an upcoming project with Lucasfilm. And while we don't know too many details, we can already tell that whatever the super secret plan is going to be good.

Spilling as little tea as humanly possible, Studio Ghibli teased the partnership in a now-viral tweet

Although the message is short, it really says so much. First a video with the Lucasfilm logo flashed, then Studio Ghibli's. So we have to assume that the two are planning something big together. 

Studio Ghibli is, of course, known for their animated work. And even though Vulture recently reported that the studio will only be doing one more film with legendary visionary Hayao Miyazaki, they clearly aren't out for the count. Lucasfilm is the studio behind Star Wars — and while they've certainly explored animated content in the past, we have no clue what the two companies could be making together. 

With almost 330,000 likes, it seems like we weren't the only ones to be taken by surprise. "Wait WHAT," wrote @swimethan. "STAR WARS MOVIE BY STUDIO GHIBLI?!?!???" @klesyeager1 shouted. "I can no longer tell if this is legit or if someone bought a blue checkmark and is trolling everybody…" @Tpadz joked. "The 2022 bingo card did NOT have this," @Alienware teased. "I'm at a lost of words. Am I dreaming?" @dragoon2691 wondered. 

If this wasn't exciting enough, on November 11 the studio tweeted out a photo further cementing the upcoming project. And yes that is a statue of Yoda in the foreground and Miyazaki himself in the background.

Stop teasing us, Studio Ghibli! We need to know what the big news is — ASAP.