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George Clooney and Julia Roberts Seem to Totally Disagree On When They Became Friends

We think Julia’s right.

It seems like George Clooney and Julia Roberts have always been buddies, right? But that had to meet each other for the first time at some point. Apparently the two have very different recollections of the moment it happened, although it seems like Clooney may be embellishing just a bit. 

The hilarious moment happened while the two were giving an interview to promote their movie, Ticket to Paradise. As the clip from @rottentomatoes shows, the two had a hard time answering a very simple question. 

"When was the moment you knew that you were going to be friends for life?" the interviewer asked them in the clip.

"When we met," Roberts answered right away.

"A week ago," Clooney joked. "Yeah when we met," he added, seriously this time.

"Why when I'm serious, YOU make the joke. And then you're serious when I make the joke," she asked. 

"We gotta be better in interviews," Clooney answered. "So let's give an honest was last week," he joked. 

"When we met," Roberts said with finality, before adding that she knew she and Clooney were meant to be besties because there was an immediate "ease and comfort" between the two. "We're both from the south — "

"There was a lot of booze too, which helps," Clooney interjected. "And after you've thrown up on each other, you have to be friends," he added. 

Well, he does have a point there. Thankfully, Roberts seemed to think the bit was funny and so did people in the comments section who were cracking up. "Now that is a good friendship," one commenter wrote. "It gives Lorelei and Luke vibes," another commenter added. Okay but in this case we can all agree that Clooney is Lorelei, right? "He’s not wrong! I vomited in a guy’s car on our first date…we’re happily married now!" someone else shared.

These two clearly have such a good report with each other. We can totally see why their friendship has lasted. 

Ticket to Paradise is in theaters now.