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Mom Shows Gen-Z Daughter “Selena” For the First Time and She’s Absolutely Gutted

We’ve all been there girl.

You might not remember the first time you watched the movie Selena starring Jennifer Lopez — but you won't forget one girl's. She had the absolute most over-the-top response to the 1997 film's infamous ending, but who didn't shed a tear (or ten) when they learned the movie was based on the real life singer Selena Quintanilla Pérez? 

The movie follows the real story of Quintanilla Pérez, later dubbed the "Queen of Tejano" and major pop star in the 1990s, USA Today reports. Sadly, Quintanilla Pérez was shot dead by the president of her fan club in March 1995 — but clearly no one warned the teen before letting her watch the biopic. Even worse, her mom Evelyn Montgomery (@evelynmontgomery) got her whole meltdown on camera. The footage shows the teenager in tears after turning the movie off. "They were supposed to have a baby!" she exclaimed through tears. Okay, we sort of see her point. 

"Forever in our hearts! I still remember where I was the first time I heard her sing and about her tragic end," Montgomery wrote in the video's text overlay. 

The video has since been watched over 800,000 times and people in the comments section could totally relate. "Exactly how I was when I watched the movie for the first time! I also didn’t know she was a real person 'til the end. I was and am HEARTBROKEN," @jaylabrenae5 admitted. "I’ve watched the Selena movie several times and I’m still in disbelief…the montage at the end always kills me!" @ccub102 agreed. "We all have to go through it. Poor baby," @Zyrrahjah Golden chimed in. 

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And this is why we only re-watch it when we really need a good cry. Otherwise it's just too dangerous.

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