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Man Finds Hilarious Easter Egg In 90s Hit “Scary Movie”

Okay, we have to admit that sometimes it's the really low-brow humor that makes us laugh. Like, really low-brow. So what we guess we're saying is that we couldn't help laugh along as one man on TikTok shared the hilarious Easter egg from the classic comedy Scary Movie

The TikToker must've been watching the movie very carefully because he picked up on something few people would've noticed at first glance. Take a look!

"Who else knew about this Easter egg in Scary Movie?" the video's text overlay reads. The clip shows the movie paused during a scene where character Brenda is watching a movie that is rated I...for Immature. And yep, this is definitely a different kind of way to rate a movie. "The following peeview has been a—proved for immature audiences only," the ratings card reads. "If you can read this you are too close." 

The TikToker was having a hard time reading through the whole thing without laughing. "This gets even better!" he exclaimed. "Pee pee poopy boogers farts butthole," the sign reads. Ahh, toilet humor. So simple, yet so effective. 

The video has since been watched over 4.3 million times and people in the comments section were impressed. "Bro couldn’t even read it on pause," @bigrobog_ wrote before adding the laughing emoji. "Def not catchin' it back then..." he added. "How was I today years old when I saw this?" @itsdog__ wondered. "It’s in Scary Movie 2 too if you pause it when she’s driving to the haunted mansion on the piece of paper when she’s singing/looking at the directions," @halfpintchey pointed out. 

While another eagle-eyed fan made this very important point: "And the circle is a smiley face picking its nose," @raipikapi added. 

Guess it's time for another re-watch.