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Man Is Literally All of Us When Giving This “Marvel Thing” a Try

Welcome to the club buddy.

It might seem hard to remember, but there was once a time when none of us had seen a Marvel movie. Gasp! It's true. By this point very few of us can honestly say we haven't watched at least one movie in the MCU. Except TikTok creator @outsider_lol, who had clearly not been sold on the mega-franchise and recently shared the most epic video of what happened when he decided to give it a go.

Like most of us, the TikToker probably heard so much buzz before sitting down to watch the movies. But once he did he was totally hooked. "POV: you decide to give this Marvel thing a try," he wrote on the video's text overlay. The footage starts with the TikToker sitting down to watch his first Marvel movie — skeptical that it could really be that good. However as the montage continues it's clear that his feeling about Marvel changes. 

By the end he can't stop himself from cheering. It's touching, really — and the over 1.6 million people who watched the video seemed to think so too. 

"Been watching marvel since elementary school so watching this makes me cry 3000 tears of joy!" @godsmostblessedchild wrote in the comments section. "The fact that people just started watching Marvel blows my mind," another commenter chimed in. "Dude this is the best. This really made me think back and warmed my heart. This is great thank you for making this," @christian_h2116 praised. 

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It really does warm our hearts to see someone embrace the MCU. Just wait until he sees what they have in store for phase four!

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