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Actress Kimberly J. Brown Pokes Fun At Line In “Halloween Town” That Came Back to Haunt Her

There is one celebrity couple that we care about above all others: child stars Kimberly J. Brown and Daniel Kountz. You know, Marnie and Kal from Halloweentown II? We're sure that being part of a super visible relationship has its ups and downs. Including something Brown has hilariously pointed out has come back to bite her in the butt from her Disney days.

Brown (@officialkjb) has no shame poking fun at her relationship. Including one recent video on her page which shows a clip from Halloweentown II that has not stood the test of time.

The footage shows Brown watching a scene where her character Marnie vows to take control of her own future. "And it doesn't include you," she tells Kal (aka Kountz). And yeah, well...that's not exactly what happened. "Well this is awkward," Brown said after the camera cuts to her. The two are even engaged now. Whoops! 

"When your words come back to haunt you…" she joked in the caption. 

With over 6.6 million views, so many people in the comments section were laughing at Brown's hysterical observation. "I have cramps from laughing SO hard. Exactly what I needed today!" @sarahlvssunsets_ exclaimed. "I just watched this yesterday and told my son (who is 13 and I made watch it with me) that they are engaged now and he said wellll she lied," @shortleo07 teased. "I watched this a couple weeks ago and laughed at the irony of that line," @jhouserwrites added. "I was just watching this last week and said 'this didn’t age well now did it?'" @thefandommasochist joked. 

Thankfully, the internet is too happy to see Brown and Kountz together to hold them to something said in a movie. But it's definitely a funny coincidence.