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Man Nails What Picking a Movie With Your Dad Is Like

It's can be almost impossible to pick a movie that everyone will agree on. But when it comes to watching movies with your parents that can be a whole different ball game. One man on TikTok has hilariously illustrated the struggle of trying to watch a movie with your dad. And yep, we've never felt more seen. 

Even if your dad is totally chill, things rarely go smoothly when trying to decide what to watch. As can be seen in the video from TikTok creator @jaycote. Take a look! 

Playing both himself and his dad, @jaycote totally nails what it's like while scrolling through your options. "Dad, just pick any of these. You really can't go wrong," he says, playing himself. "What about The Matrix? Come on you loved The Matrix?" 

Of course, dad has his very good reasons why it's a no. Like "I preferred it on cable though, when you can just jump in halfway through." Hmmm, doesn't exactly make sense. But that's dad-logic for you. You'll have to watch the whole thing to see where "Dad" lands, but trust us. The whole thing is spot on. 

The video has since been watched over 1.4 million times and people in the comments section were cracking up. "Dads love watching movies on cable that make them three hours with commercials and it’s already half over," @taylorbeem teased. "Any of Bruce Willis' latest movies. Ten of them so far this year!!" @user19029088002671 kidded. "I chose Guardians of the Galaxy and my dad complained that I'm always choosing these intellectual movies like that one time I made him watch Inception," @indefort shared. 

Sigh — dads, you can't live with them. You definitely can't get them to pick a movie.