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Freddie Prinze Jr. Opens Up About His New Christmas Movie and Folks Are Just Learning He’s Latino

“I can cook better than all y’all in here”

Full confession here: we're still crushing on Freddie Prinze Jr. He's been our favorite male celebrity since I Know What You Did Last Summer. So of course we're gonna check out his new Netflix Christmas movie, Christmas With You. We were also all ears during an interview he gave with The Talk recently, when Prinze Jr. opened up about why his Latino heritage made the project all the more special. 

As the clip from the @thetalkcbs TikTok page shows, Prinze Jr. seemed so passionate about the movie when speaking to the hosts of the panel show on November 15. 

"Freddie Prince Jr. proud of his Latino culture," the video's onscreen caption reads. 

"I gotta lot of love and passion for this movie and the opportunity that they gave me, I took full advantage of — I love my culture. I grew up here and in New Mexico. I've been surrounded by Puerto Ricans and Mexicans my whole life," he explained. 

"I can cook better than all y'all in here," he joked. 

Some people in the comments section had no idea that Prinze Jr. was Latino. "How am I just finding this out??" one person wondered. "WHO WAS GONNA TELL ME????" someone else exclaimed. "FRED IS ONE OF US?!" a third commenter asked. 

But many other people pointed out that the Scooby Doo actor has never been shy about his heritage. "Everyone needs to look up Freddie Prinze (Freddie Prinze Jr. dad) he was in Chico and the Man, he was an incredible actor and yes, he’s Latino," one commenter explained. "For those of you saying he never said anything. It was no secret. Everyone knew he was Freddy Prinze son. Everyone knew his father was Puerto Rican," someone else chimed in. "He’s never denied his Puerto Rican heritage. He’s always said he spent his summers in Puerto Rico with his paternal grandmother," someone else wrote.

We love seeing Prinze Jr. get to embrace his culture on screen. And from the looks of this interview, he was too. "I've been waiting 20+ years to do it," he said.