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Dwayne Johnson Give Girl Who Waited Two Hours to Meet Him the Surprise of Her Life

The number of people who don't like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is practically zero. And after watching a video of the Black Adam star with a fan you'll see why. Not only did the action hero make a teenage fan's day by posing with a photo with her — he even gave her a very special gift that we're sure she'll never forget. 

We're not going to say that you'll be sobbing by the end of the video on @therock's TikTok page, but boy is it hard not to. Especially after you learn that she waited for two hours to meet her hero. 

"I'm so excited. Oh my god!" she said through tears. The look on her face when Johnson asks to take a selfie is beyond adorable. She's going to remember this moment photo or not! He even took a video with her and called her the coolest girl at her school. 

But wait — there's more. Johnson even made a big promise to the girl in his caption.

"Great to meet you, Carol and tell all your friends at Crosstown High, that I'm giving ALL OF YOU FREE TICKETS TO WATCH BLACK ADAM at your local theater on OPENING NIGHT!!!" he wrote. 

Now he's our hero too!