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This Halloween Movie Date Night Is a Perfect Way to Spend an October Evening

It's almost October, so you know what that means? Scary movies! Yep, as soon as the air starts to crisp we know it's time to settle on the couch with our sweeties and watch a monster marathon (or three!). So consider us absolutely rapt by the video that TikToker @carolineaplyler made, sharing the best way to have a Halloween movie date night.

The TikTok creator, Caroline, is brilliant because she came up with the perfect cozy night in. "Best spooky date I've had," she wrote in the caption. 

There's pretty much nothing that we don't love about this. A trip to Target, ceramic pumpkins, and crafting while watching Halloweentown? What could be better? 

With over 4.4 million views, it seems like a lot of people were taking note. "I'm so saving this when me and my hubby have date night on Halloween," @shadeweber wrote in the comments section. "I’ve been ready for Halloween since July 29th, AND THIS IS GETTING ME MORE EXCITED," @ewjynx exclaimed. "I will be doing this alone and it will still be fun," @sillyspat proudly stated. 

While another commenter had the opposite situation going on. "I’m gonna force my husband to do this!!" @jamielee8603 commented. 

Unsure what to watch on your spooky date night? Caroline has you covered. In a follow-up video on her page she shared her top fall shows. 

"The best shows ever," she wrote in the caption.