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Ezra Miller May Face 26 Years In Jail and People Are Divided On the “Fairness” Of It All

People are torn between it being too harsh and not harsh enough.

On Monday, the actor Ezra Miller (who uses they/them pronouns) pleaded not guilty to accusations that they burglarized a Vermont home, Insider reports. The case is just one in a slew of incidents involving the Fantastic Beasts actor. A point which was pointed out on Twitter, where commenters were debating whether or not it was fair that the Miller face jail time.

According to Insider, the incident allegedly took place back on May 1, 2022. Miller has been accused of breaking into the home and taking "several bottles of alcohol," a police report states. Naturally, the internet has something to say about the news.

"Not defending Ezra or anything, but honestly compared to what they've done before, that's actually a very mild crime," Twitter user @mariosonic500 wrote online. "I assumed if they ever went to prison it would be for the multiple assaults."

According to Insider, Miller was accused of grooming an 18-year-old named Tokata Iron Eyes back in June. The teenager's parents, Chase Iron Eyes and Sara Jumping Eagle, later filed a protective order against the actor and accused Miller of both physical and mental abuse. However both Miller and Tokata Iron Eyes have denied the allegations, the news outlet states. 

In March, Miller was charged with disorderly conduct and harassment while in Hawaii. Police there claimed Miller became "agitated" with patrons of a karaoke bar and was "yelling obscenities." 

Back in Spring of 2020, the actor was accused of choking a woman while in Iceland, Variety reports. This followed a previous incident in Iceland, where Miller was accused of putting a male patron of a bar into a chokehold and slapping him. Although he later allegedly apologized. 

Miller is currently being charged with once count each of felony burglary and petit larceny, which could result in up to 26 years of prison time.

People on Twitter had strong opinions about this latest case. "The grooming of a minor shouldn’t be ignored," wrote one commenter. "The assaults aren't even the worst thing [they've] done, the grooming is. Dude is just a straight up a—hole through and through. [They] need a year in jail then mandatory rehab to get [themself] rehabilitated," someone else urged. "There's not even a chance he will go to jail for 26 years. He's unlikely to serve any time," another person added. "If their mental health really is the reason for their behavior, I personally think they should section them and get their mental health in order as they need help not jail. But they're a celeb not the average Joe, they won't go to jail and if they do, it'll be for a week and back to life," another commenter argued.

Miller has since been granted approval by Vermont judge Kerry McDonald-Cady to stay out of jail while the case in ongoing, on the condition that they do not go near the home that they burgled, Insider states.

Their attorney, Lisa Shelkrot, told the news outlet that Miller "accepted the court-imposed conditions of not contacting or entering the home of the inhabitants."

"Ezra would like to acknowledge the love and support they have received from their family and friends, who continue to be a vital presence in their ongoing mental health," she added.