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Evan Peters Confesses He’d Like to Play Someone “Normal” to Director Ryan Murphy

Can’t exactly blame him.

There are a lot of pros and cons to working with Ryan Murphy. On the one hand, you get to play a wide variety of unique and interesting characters. On the other — welp, the characters aren't exactly normal. The director even said as much during a conversation with the actor to promote their new Netflix series Dahmer - Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.

A clip of the special event was shared on Twitter by user @evansfiles. "Ryan Murphy on working with Evan Peters and confessing that Evan would like to do a romcom!" the tweet reads.

"I've known you since I believe the end of your teenage years," Murphy said to Peters in the footage. "I cast him in the first season of American Horror Story and I thought he was great but it was really because he looked like Jessica Lange," he added. 

Obviously, Peters is mega-talented. And he impressed Murphy so much that he said they ultimately re-wrote the season "for his talent."

"It's a very interesting thing, this show, because Evan and I have worked together on Horror Story for many, many years and then we took a break and he went off to do Mare of Easttown for which he won the Emmy award. And he kept saying to me, 'I really want to play somebody normal,'" Murphy said. "I want to do a romcom!" he recalled. Yeah, American Horror Story is the complete opposite of the romcom, that's for sure.

People in the comments section were totally onboard for an Evan Peters romcom. "Evan in a romcom finally please make it happen Ryan Murphy," @SnoopySeungwoo wrote. "Evan Peters in a romcom would be the remedy to all my troubles tbh, " @maarvelverse agreed. "EVAN IN A ROMCOM YES PLS," @poeemrry exclaimed. 

Okay Ryan Murphy, you heard the good people. Make it happen!