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People Who Got an Early Peek at “Black Panther” Are Loving It

Obsessed is the word that comes to mind.

Everyday we get closer and closer to the new Black Panther movie, and everyday we get more and more excited. So you can only imagine how absolutely jealous we were when we saw that some lucky people got to see an advanced screening. Thankfully, it seems like the movie is getting five stars all around.

Sure, sure, we're totally envious that other people are getting to see Black Panther: Wakanda Forever first, but we have to admit that it's sort of great that it's been well received so far. 

Just take a tweet from Twitter user @Oli2269, who couldn't stop from sharing their positive review online. "I just saw an early screening of #WakandaForever and damn it was good. Great characters, acting, plot and Namor was insane. It was an amazing tribute to Chadwick Boseman and a great way to end phase 4! Solid 9/10," they wrote. Whew! Now that is a good endorsement, but let's see what other people online had to say. 

"The opening Marvel sequence literally can’t be described with words," @MossiestToes wrote in the comments section. "One thing about #WakandaForever is that Letitia Wright seriously proved that she can be the face of this franchise. It’s time we give her, her flowers," @therealsupes wrote elsewhere online. "I’m an emotional wreck. Wakanda Forever is for the culture. It’s healing. It’s everything I ever could’ve wanted. It hits so deep culturally, artistically, and spiritually. Just wow," actress @MicaBurton added online. "#WakandaForever is as emotionally fulfilling as that brilliant first trailer. Not only is this a beautifully-written script, but the cast crushes it. This is a sequel handled with care, and Coogler manages to raise his game from a directing standpoint… It delivers," @theBurk3nator chimed in.

So far the movie has received an 86 percent score on Rotten Tomatoes from critics, but again we won't really have a full picture of how the movie will do until it's released in theaters on November 11. We can't wait!