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Drew Barrymore Had an "E.T." Reunion on Her Talkshow — And Shared the Sweetest BTS Story

Okay, this was cute.

If you've ever wondered whether growing up on the set of E.T. was magical, Drew Barrymore is here to tell you it totally was. The actress and now-talkshow host had an E.T. reunion on her show recently. And now we're totally swooning after she shared the cutest anecdote from that time. 

A small snippet of the reunion was shared on TikTok (@thedrewbarrymoreshow) and showed Barrymore chatting away with former castmates; Dee Wallace, Robert MacNaughton and Henry Thomas.

"Now I believed that E.T. was real," the talkshow host revealed in the segment. "I really, really loved him in such a profound way," she continued. 

Thomas, who played Elliot in the 1982 film, explained that not only did Drew love the extraterrestrial — she went out of her way to make sure that E.T. was taken care of on set. 

"The first thing I remember is that we were on stage and it was quite cold on the stage, you asked the wardrobe lady if you could have a scarf for E.T.'s neck because he was gonna get cold," Thomas recalled. "So you wrapped the scarf around his neck."  

Wallace, who played Mary, recalled that they would often find Drew "talking away to E.T." — "and so we let Steven [Spielberg] know and so Steven from that time on appointed two guys to keep E.T. alive, so whenever you came over to talk to him he could react to you," she said. 

Awwww, isn't that just the sweetest thing? People on the comments section were just as smitten. "Awe this melted my heart! I always wondered about your relationship with ET. Love this!" @celestial_wildflower wrote. "That’s adorable, she was only like 6 or so and for them to keep him 'on' so he could react to her is precious," @amaehler agreed. "That last frame of Drew’s face in the clip- that, THAT, is her inner child’s expression," @miss_amelia_cw explained. 

This whole thing was just so sweet.