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Drew Barrymore Gets Daniel Radcliffe to Admit He Had a Poster Of Her on His Wall

An old interview gave him away...

Stars, they're just like us! They grocery shop, watch reality TV — and in the case of Daniel Radcliffe, they hung photos of pretty celebrities on their walls when they were teens. However unlike the rest of us, they have the opportunity to actually meet their celebrity crushes. Which is exactly what happened to Radcliffe, who was called out by the once object of his affection, Drew Barrymore, on her talkshow recently. 

The hilarious clip was shared TikTok by @globaltv. Is it just us or was Radcliffe thoroughly embarrassed?

"Is it true that you had some posters of some girls on your wall growing up?" Drew can be seen asking the actor in the clip. Uh oh, busted

"Yes," Radcliffe added, practically looking down at his shoes. "This is the annoying thing when you've been doing, as you know, interviews since you were really young," he told her. "And that comes back 10, 20 years later. So yes, I did have posters of both you and Cameron Diaz," he added. Of course, this was in their Charlie's Angels era — natch!

Barrymore was clearly delighted, she told Radcliffe that with all due respect to his girlfriend of 10 years, Erin Darke, "I'm so excited you had posters of us!"  She then said that she wasn't upset at all and joked that she was going to "milk" the story for all it's worth. 

People in the comments section were cracking up. "Drew, rest assured, you were many teen boys crush in the 2000's," @idunnowillthisdo wrote. "Honestly there is nothing more embarrassing than hearing your crush get asked about you, I couldn't imagine that on a celebrity level," @evibbles chimed in. "This is why you don’t say that you have posters on your wall, remember this lesson kids," @thatbadger_2003 warned. 

Yep, we've all learned a valuable lesson today.