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Disney Is Making Us Emotional With New Pixar Short Featuring First Plus-Size Protagonist

Pass the tissues, we're going to need them.

Okay, this news just might make us cry. And we have a feeling a lot of other people are going to feel that way too. A short film from Disney has started to gain a lot of buzz on the internet for its plus sized protagonist. And people online agree that this is the exact kind of representation we need to see. 

Stills of the short, which is part of Disney's Shirt Circuit Experimental Film Series, have been spreading across the internet. Including TikTok, where one creator Molly Kay (@mollykaynelson) was more than ready to share the good news.

"We just got our female first plus Disney protagonist," the video's onscreen caption reads. "When I tell you I RAN to watch this short," it states. 

The clip shows a plus size ballerina getting a little self-conscious about her body while at the barre. A feeling that many of us have felt all-too frequently. 

Other people online were just as touched by the footage.

"REFLECT on Disney+ (Series: Short Circuit). Do recommend for anyone that struggles with the image they see in the mirror. So, everyone. But this is especially for those of us that society shuns for having a body that doesn’t match the alleged 'perfect' image," wrote @vintage_katie_ on Twitter. 

"I grew up as a plus size ballet dancer and this broke me. I wish little me could have seen this," @dailybrizz added on TikTok. "This is how I felt when I started in cheerleading as a little girl, quit after the first season..." @zbracraz agreed. "CRYING. As someone who did dance class for a little bit when I was younger, this really hit me," @kayrahmarie chimed in. 

Even Kay herself had an emotional reaction to seeing a plus size protagonist onscreen. 

"As a plus size Disney lover seeing this short made me cry because I'm finally seeing my body type represented on screen in Disney film," she wrote. "I took ballet when I was little and remember feeling so out of place when no one was my size." 

She also explained why it's so important to see images of ourselves in TV and movies. "We need more inclusivity like this and one day I hope we can have a plus size Disney princess so all the little fat girls can see that we don't need to be thin to be beautiful, loved and celebrated," she added. 

"Can we please do a full movie with her?" she asked in the onscreen caption. Yep, we definitely want a full film too!