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Disney+ Just Dropped the Newest Poster for “Disenchanted” and People Are Already In Their Feelings

“Please, please, please be good.”

It's the moment we've been waiting for since *checks calendar* 2007. A sequel to Enchanted is here! You read that's right, Amy Adams returns as Giselle for a second installment of the series and now people online are getting so into it after seeing that a brand new poster has dropped online. 

The news went viral on Twitter, where it seemed like so many people were hyped to see Giselle and friends back on their screens. 

"Wishes do come true!" the tweet from the official Disney+ Twitter page (@DisneyPlus) reads. "In 1 month, Giselle returns to her fairy tale life." Although is it just us, or does this image show the Disney princess is a slightly darker light?

People in the comments section were so ready. "Enchanted was so refreshing, I didn't know what it was about and just expected something nice but it was so good actually, I laughed and smiled so often. So yeah I'm exciting for this!" wrote one person. "Ready for Giselle's villain arc," someone else chimed in. "Real cinema," a third person added. 

According to ColliderDisenchanted will take place 15 years after the original movie.  Giselle and Robert are now married, Robert's daughter Morgan is now a teenager, and the two are recently had a baby together. Woof! That would be a lot for anyone to handle. 

Naturally, Giselle is starting to feel a little underwhelmed with her "happily ever after" ending. So the pair pack their family up to move to the suburbs where they run into the town's queen bee, Malvina Monroe (played by Maya Rudolph). Things get really messy when Giselle turns to Andalasia for help, but the spell she casts really makes things take a turn for the worst.

Yep, this sounds so, so good. We can't wait to watch when Disenchanted drops on Disney+ on November 18.