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Disney Released The Teaser Trailer for "Elemental" and It's Giving Us "Inside Out" Vibes

This movie looks like it's going to make us cry.

It's been a minute since we've had a new movie from Pixar (although we're still thinking about how good Lightyear was). So of course we were so excited to see the teaser trailer for what they have coming down the pipeline. If the footage is anything to be believed we need to buy tickets to see Elemental, ASAP.

The teaser trailer gave us so many clues as to what to expect for the movie. And do we spy a love story? See for yourself in the clip that was shared by TikTok creator @jbuckstudios.

The teaser trailer starts with a hooded figure waiting for their train to Elemental City. Once onboard we see all of the interesting creatures that inhabit their world. Including water people, cloud people, tree people, and people made out of dirt. Suddenly, the hooded figure drops her earphones but when she reaches down to pick them up, she crosses paths with a water man. Did we mention that she's made out of fire?

"Forbidden love," @jbuckstudios narrates over the footage. 

Yep, that seems about right. To us, the clip seems heavily inspired by another Disney movie — Inside Out, but the TikToker said he was getting more of an Osmosis Jones vibe.

Either way, people in the comments section were totally psyched. "I LOVE THIS. THERE HASN'T BEEN A LOVE STORY FROM DISNEY IN FOREVER," one person exclaimed. "So Zootopia but elements," another commenter mused. "Did anyone notice their names 'Ember' and 'Wade?' Love it, so cute that their names match their element," another commenter pointed out. "I got some serious Spirited Away vibes from this trailer not gonna lie," added another person. 

Hmmm, we're not going to know much else until the full trailer is released. However we're so curious to see what's going to happen. 

Elemental is schedule to release on June 16, 2023.