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Return to Andalasia with Disney's New "Disenchanted" Trailer

It's going to be so magical.

Disney has dropped the new trailer for the Enchanted sequel, Disenchanted, and now we know so much more about what's going to happen to our favorite Disney heroine. Is it just us, is Giselle's happily-ever-after not quite what she expected?

A copy of the trailer was shared on TikTok (@disneystudios), and already we can tell there's going to be so many memorable moments in the upcoming film. Watch the whole thing in the video below. 

By the looks of the trailer, Giselle is going to be put under a course that will make her positively evil. Gasp! Could it be? Will Giselle really be a villain? "Discover a fairy tale with a wicked twist," the video's caption reads. Oooh, how ominous! 

The trailer has since been watched almost 240,000 times and people in the comments section were ready for whatever the sequel was going to throw at us. "I can’t wait! I’m so happy that we are finally getting second movies for some of our favorite films," @hannah.elmore8 wrote. "I’m very intrigued about this, making a hero into a villain is very, very interesting and I’m here for it," @amadorboy agreed. "Who's been messing with all my plans/ it's been Malvina all along/Crazy Malvina, naughty Malvina it's been Malvina all along/and she made me bad haha," @lisaforde8 joked, spoofing the song from WandaVision, "Agatha All Along."

Although some people worried that the movie will never live up to the first. "Too much, the first was simple and cute," @anon1111113 wrote. "Ok but why isn't Andalasia animated anymore?" @literallyalexandria wondered. "WHY DOES THE CHIPMUNK TALK?" @savsilby exclaimed. 

We have a feeling that all of our lingering questions will be answered in no time. The hard part will be having the patience to wait until the movie is released on November 18.