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Diddy Confronts Tyler the Creator In Full Joker Costume

He didn’t break character once.

No one has every accused Sean "Diddy" Combs of being understated. And that goes double for the totally spot-on Joker costume he did this year. In fact, we think that rapper Tyler the Creator was a little scared when the two ran into each other on Halloween. And the clip of the meeting is definitely worth seeing. 

Diddy totally stayed committed to his costume, so much so that we're not even sure if Tyler realized it was THE Diddy approaching his car. Take a look at the clip from the @hotnewhiphop TikTok page below. 

"Diddy stops Tyler the Creator as the Joker," the video's caption reads. And he went all out too. 

"Tyler the Creator!" Diddy shrieks, doing a pitch-perfect impression of the Batman villain. "Tyler you are my favorite rapper in the world!"

A clearly delighted Tyler then tells Diddy that his costume is "top tier." 

Still in character, Diddy then tried to get Tyler out of the car he was in, but thankfully, the musician was able to get away without needing to send out the Bat-signal. 

With over 800,000 views, people online were so about Diddy's transformation. "I think we just found our next Joker....." @nhlanhla.induna.chief wrote. "You gonna have to pay me to believe that’s Diddy," @str82shady joked. "That’s so awesome!!! So realistic!!! Go Diddy!!!" @tron212 chimed in. "I'M SCARED," @_cutejeans_ admitted. 

If you want to see even more of Diddy in costume, he posted another super impressive video of him in character to his own TikTok page @Diddy.

"Hello my friends, I’m the Joker. I’m highjacking Halloween! Hahahaha," he wrote in the video's caption. 

Get this man an Oscar! Stat!