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HBO Max Cancels Their "Degrassi" Reboot — and People Online Are Furious

Boycott the caf — and by caf, we mean HBO Max.

Sad news for those of us hoping to return to Degrassi Jr. High, HBO Max has officially declared their reboot of the classic 80s teen drama to be dead in the water. That's right, we'll never meet the new batch of Canadian teenagers (and see their high school trials and tribulations) now that the show has been canceled. And people online are so disappointed. 

According to Variety, the reboot was originally picked up for a 10 episode season in January. While no casting news had yet to be announced, showrunners and executive producers Lara Azzopardi and Julia Cohen were going to helm the sixth iteration of the Canadian teen show. 

Vulture reports that the series was going to follow a “diverse, complicated” group of Toronto teenagers “living in the shadow of events that both bind them together and tear them apart.”

At the time that the show was ordered, Azzopardi and Cohen said they were excited to turn the show into a "truly serialized one-hour drama.” 

“We’re honored to be given the opportunity to lead this evolution and bring this iconic series back into people’s homes," they said. 

The project is believed to have gotten the axe after the Warner Bros./Discovery merger, which caused HBO Max to move away from programming geared towards kids and teens. 

Online people were so upset. "LMFAO I’m not surprised but I was low key excited for this," @AlyssaSantoro9 wrote. "WTF whyyyyy! Noooooooo. It’s been going on for yearssssssssssssssssssssssssss like since the 70s. I hope some network picks it up!" @greendaySkye exclaimed. "Whoever at HBO Max cancelled the Degrassi reboot I hope you step on a LEGO," @crarcoapologist joked. "They cancelled the Degrassi reboot for HBO nobody talk to me," @nekokeery added.

Don't mind us, we'll just be over here writing angry letters to the president of HBO. We want more Degrassi — STAT!