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“Love Is Blind” Fan Shares the Difference Between Deepti and Zanab Reactions and People Have Feelings

One thing is very much not like the other.

Oh reality TV. You bring us so much joy — and unfortunately, sometimes you really tick us off. Just as loyal viewers of Love is Blind season 3 know all too well after one couple on the hit Netflix series ended their relationship in the craziest way. Now people online are comparing contestants Deepti Vempati with Zanab Jaffrey — who both had their relationships end in completely shocking ways. 

The comparisons followed an explosive season 3 finale, where Jaffrey walked away from her relationship with Cole Barnett while at the alter, Time reports. 

"The last two months have not been picture-perfect," she told a clearly stunned Barnett. "You have disrespected me. You have insulted me. You have critiqued me. And, for what it is worth, you have single-handedly shattered my self-confidence. And I hate that you have had that kind of effect on me."

But later at the reunion we get the full story. Barnett apparently made several offensive comments to Jaffrey through their courtship — including a body shaming conversation that was revealed at the reunion.

In the clip, Barnett seems to take exception to the fact that Jaffrey wanted to snack on cuties — you know, the fruit. 

"Are you gonna eat both of those?" she recalled him asking her. "And I said, ‘Well, yeah. That’s a serving.’ And he goes, ‘Well, we’re going out to eat later. Maybe you should save your appetite.’” Jaffrey even tried telling that Barnett that she'd only had a "banana and a scoop of peanut butter" that day to eat — making his commentary that much more damning. 

Online, many people compared the moment to season 2 couple Vempati and Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee, who had a similar jaw-dropping moment at the alter. The Huffington Post reports that Chatterjee repeatedly made comments that seemed to imply that he wasn't attracted to Vempati throughout the season. But it seemed like Vempati wasn't aware of his lack of interest, until she got to the aisle where she delivered a relationship ending blow — "I deserve somebody who knows for sure. So, I’m choosing myself and I’m going to say 'no,'" she told him. 

"The DIFFERENCE between what Deepti & Zanab did was DEEPTI said 'I CHOOSE ME' whereas Zanab said 'YOU DESTROYED ME.' Shake was worse to Deepti throughout the show and she still didn’t make it about him, it was about HER. That’s the difference between a true queen," @zanaduxx wrote on Twitter.

And some people agreed that they preferred how Vempati dealt with the similar situations better. "I said the same thing. Zanab should've had that talk in private, she knew exactly what she was doing. If he was that bad u should've known from before.. don't wait till the alter," wrote @SweetBabyzxo in the comments section. "Zanab tried to be Deepti, instead she was a worse version of Danielle," @IWazYoung agreed. "Facts," @penmanshipper chimed in. 

Although another made a really good point. "It doesn’t matter how they both did it. Thank God they had the strength to do it. Some women don't notice toxic behavior until it has done big damage to them but they did and walked away. They both queens," @PatriceMarquet7 wrote. 

They had really different methods of expressing themselves, but who could really blame them for wanting to get away.