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Mom Watches Jeffrey Dahmer Special And Jokingly Starts Side-eying Her Toddler

“Don’t do that…”

We know we aren't the only ones positively glued to the screen watching the new Netflix miniseries, Dahmer - Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story. In fact, one mom has probably been watching a little too much of the show, because she's starting to look at her toddler in a whole new light. 

Brionne Marie (@brebaybe) must've been slightly unnerved after watching the mini-series because she had a hysterical reaction to seeing her son play with one of his toys. 

"POV: after watching Jeffrey Dahmer series and your kid is just playing," the video's text overlay reads. The video shows Brionne's son playing with a toy drill (...on his head...) and decided she needed to step in. "Stop doing that," she said before thinking better of it. "You know what, let me have that," she added. 

We're dying! And we weren't the only ones who were cracking up over the mom's hilarious video. "Omg mine was playing with bugs yesterday and I was like uhhhh we’re not gonna start playing with living things," @okayyyyyyyyy91 shared. "Lmao crying, can relate because I be watching while my son wanna play with real tools," @jenniferperez8329 shared. "Seriously mine started taping the eyes off all the Paw Patrol characters lol," @a_hunny91 admitted. "This is the best thing I’ve seen today I literally laughed out loud," @ames4917 wrote.

Of course, this was all in good fun. But can we really blame the mom for watching her son very closely? Nope!