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Fans Are Flipping Out Over “Creed 3” Trailer

Adonis' past is coming to haunt him.

Is there any better movie franchise than the Rocky movies? Just thinking about Michael B. Jordan running through the streets of Philadelphia gives us the chills. So of course we were so excited to learn that there's going to be another installment in the Rocky re-boot, but this time Adonis is going to have to face his past. 

As TikTok creator @3cfilms explained, the poster for the upcoming film was dropped today. And yep, it already looks totally epic. 

"It also gives us our first look to the villain of the movie, played by Jonathan Majors that some Marvel fans know as Kang the Conquerer," the TikToker explained in the clip. The have a major beef to settle, as Adonis (played by Jordan) and Major's character, Damien, were childhood friends, "but once Adonis got adopted by his rich family and went off to go live a luxurious life. He never once spoke to his childhood best friend again," he explained.

And in this case, Adonis uses his family name to help his boxing, while Major's character is most definitely "the underdog," @3cfilms explained. 

People in the comments section were ready to buy their ticket ASAP. "Killmonger vs Kang and its not even Marvel!? SWEET DUDE," @ayookay64 wrote. "Bro Creed really surpassed my expatiations.. never expected to be so good," @j4yysean added. "Who you guys got winning I got the new guy winning and then they end up being friends again," @rodolfoandrade1 guessed. "I’m really excited for this movie it’ll be good," @jasonsmiley123 chimed in. 

If you're dying for more info, the trailer was dropped onto YouTube on October 18.

Creed III is slated to come out on March 3, 2023.