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Comedian Hysterically Nails Why White People Cannot Say the N-Word

Nary a lie told.

A comedian on TikTok has gone viral — and it's something that we all need to watch. Jeff Horste wasn't holding back when addressing whether or not white people could say a certain racial slur. And people online agreed that he said nothing but straight up facts.

Not only is the clip of Horste's (@jeffhorste) stand up hilarious, it really hits home an important message. Take a look. 

At the top of the clip, Horste explained that he had a major realization while arguing with a stranger online recently. 

"I don't use my time wisely," he joked. Horste explained that the stranger was a white man, who asked him why white people can't say the racial epithet.

"I've answered this question too many times. Now I've abbreviated and shortened my answer, so now the only thing I say is...I dunno, Black people ask us not to," he continued. Yep, it's just that simple.

"How is that not a good enough reason?" he asked. "If you take away everything from a culture the least you can do is give them a word. It doesn't even make sense! Just let them have the word and shut up about it white people," he added. 

There's so much more to this bit, but you'll have to watch the whole video for yourself to see its complete brilliance. 

With over 1.2 million views, people in the comments section were applauding Horste for speaking the darn truth. "I always said 'Cuz y’all reached the limit,'" one person joked. "My guy ain’t even making jokes, he’s making points," another person agreed. "He just shot a 100% from the field," a third commenter wrote. "Wait. I wasn’t sure where you were going with the joke, but maaaan that’s why I love comedians. Hilarious!" another person chimed in. 

Yep, Horste really nailed it.