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We're Totally Buggin' Over This Throwback Costume "Clueless" Star Donald Faison's Daughter Did For Halloween

"Excuse me, Miss Dionne..."

Grab your purple clogs and your Alaia dress because Donald Faison is giving us major Clueless vibes with the Halloween photo he shared on Instagram. We guess his 7-year-old daughter Wilder must've seen the '90s romcom recently, because she totally nailed her Dionne costume and then took a picture with her dad who played Murray in the movie. 

You could say that the internet was just a little bit excited to see Faison (@donald_aison) reference the iconic movie because it's spread across the internet like wildfire. 

Very quickly the post racked up over 179,000 likes online, while Faison simply tagged the photo #Halloween2022. We're sure that 48-year-old Faison never imagined the day that his own daughter would want to dress up like a character in one of his movies and the look on his face is absolutely everything. Page Six reports that Wilder is one of Faison's six kids 

Clueless fans from all over the internet came out of the woodwork and were screaming over the iconic photo. "Legendary," wrote one person. "EPIC," wrote another. "Great Dionne costume! But your Murray needs a little work," joked actor Justin Long.

Even the film's original costume designer Mona May chimed in. "OMG she is a perfect Dionne!! Where did you find the hat?? #monamayapproved," she joked. 

Overwhelmingly people in the comments took the photo as an opportunity to share their favorite quotes from the film. "Ok but street slang is an increasingly valid form of expression," one person commented. "What do you care what he thinks Murray?! I’m the one that has to look at you!!!" someone else quoted. "I have asked you repeatedly not to call me woman," a third commenter chimed in. "EXCUSE ME! I DO NOT WEAR POLYESTER HAIR UNLIKE SOME PEOPLE I KNOW LIKE SHAWANNA!!!!" someone else exclaimed. 

Okay, Halloween was officially won by the Faison family. We're outtie.