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"A Christmas Story" is Getting a Sequel — Starring a Grown-Up Ralphie

The new teaser trailer looks sooo good.

So many people have a favorite Christmas movies that they watch year after year. But if we had to guess, A Christmas Story would have to make almost everyone's top 10 lists. But did you know that they're making a sequel to the beloved 1983 film? It's true! And this time Ralphie looks just a touch different.

The news found its way to TikTok, where creator Cameron Kozak (@kodak_cameron) shared all the juicy details. 

"The new movie is going to be called 'A Christmas Story Christmas,'" he explained in the clip. "In the very first, very small tease that dropped today, we get a look at the lamp head that was in the original film. Which is one of the most iconic props in film history he added.

That tease by the way is the short trailer that was dropped by HBO Max on October 17. Take a look!

Woah, talk about a nostalgia blast. We even get a look at modern day Ralphie — who is now in his 50's. 

People in the comments were totally stoked. "Best Christmas move in my opinion," @chris_88825 wrote. "Let’s go this just made my day this movie is my all time favorite love this," @outta_hand agreed. "Ralphie brings his family back to his old house so he can have a Christmas with them like when he was a child. That's the premise," @cobicantgocamping guessed. 

Although many people pointed out that there was already a sequel in 2012, A Christmas Story 2. 

“There already was a sequel to  A Christmas Story but, we don’t talk about that," Kozak joked in the clip.

Fingers crossed that this one is going to be good. A Christmas Story Christmas premieres on HBO Max on November 17.