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As Chris Pine Tours for “Don’t Worry Darling” An Old Clip Resurfaced Of Him and Chris Evans You Have to See

We are all Chris Evans in this situation...

While your head might still be spinning over the *ahem* chaotic press tour for Don't Worry Darling (we mean, what did happen between Harry Styles and Chris Pine at that screening in Venice?) — a new clip on TikTok brings things back to a simpler times. And by that we mean a time when our two favorite Chrises (Pine and Evans) had the most adorable moment on the red carpet. You need to see it. 

The video was later shared on TikTok by user @marvelsroses and shows Chris Evans having a moment while pal Chris Pine is walking behind him during an interview. "Stop with the blue eyes, bro!" he tells Chris Pine while giving him a playful shove. We don't blame you Chris Evans — we don't think we could concentrate either! Take a look!

Thankfully, Chris Pine takes the comment in stride. It's clear that these two guys are good pals. 

The video has since been watched over 2 million times. And yep, people in the comments section were going nuts. "Evans and Pine need to do a project together," @mexi.canarelz wrote. "That is too much gorgeous in one place. I'm surprised the world didn't explode," @stun043 joked. "When are we going to get an all-Chris movie? Can we talk about that?" @noizekricket wondered. "I love how he lights up when he sees Chris Pine. I love them both," @ashashnewf85 chimed in. 

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Honestly, same. We don't think we could've resisted commenting on Chris Pine's eyes either. We have sadly yet to have all the Chrises in one project together, but here's hoping this clip gets into the right hands and we get one soon.Fingers crossed!

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