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People Cannot Tell If Chris O’Dowd Shattering a Rare Snow Globe On “Travel Man: 48 Hours In…” Is a Skit or Not

Honestly it is hard to tell...

The thing about unscripted television is that anything can happen. But some people on the internet are just a little suspicious of a segment on an episode of Travel Man: 48 Hours In Vienna because it seemed less than real. The incident involved host Chris O'Dowd and a snow globe — and some people online think the whole thing was staged.

The incident happened back in 2016, but a clip of the segment has bubbled up again on TikTok (@cbcgem) — probably because the debate has never been settled. The footage shows O'Dowd and co-host Richard Ayoade interviewing a man who owns a giant snow globe...and then the worst happens.

The hardest part of the clip to swallow is that O'Dowd was instructed to hold the snow globe by the glass, which he promptly ignored. Although at first it really looked like he was taking great care to hold it straight. 

"That is good quality fake snow," O'Dowd joked while holding the snow globe — and then he pretended to drop the precious item. Welp, it looks like O'Dowd tempted fate just a little bit too much because then...crash. The snow globe actually dropped!

"That's a crying shame," Ayoade said behind him. "I'm just so pleased it's not me," he added. "I can't lie. I want to feel bad for you, but the relief that that wasn't me is so great," he teased.

O'Dowd apologized profusely and he looked absolutely horrified. But was this all pre-planned?

With over 950,000 views, some people in the comments section weren't convinced this was legit. "If that were mine I would've explained that the globe is separate from the base," one person reasoned. "NOOOOOO omg this is real? I thought it was a bit this is so much worse," someone else chimed in. "Why the glass ball is not connected to the base is flipping BEYOND me!" someone else chimed in. 

But most people agreed that the whole thing was cringe-y. "The fact that you can hear the difference between him messing around and the actual panic is GOLD!" one commenter pointed out. "No I'd actually cry," a second person admitted. "I've seen this episode once and once only. The second hand embarrassment is too much," a third commenter chimed in. 

To us it seems like the incident was 100 percent real — but we wouldn't put anything past these two when it comes to comedy.