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Chris Evans Was Named People’s “Sexiest Man Alive” and Paul Rudd Fans Are Not Happy

Apparently it should just be Paul Rudd Forever.

People Magazine has announced their "Sexiest Man Alive" winner, but of course the internet has some feelings about it. You would think that Chris Evans would be the perfect candidate. We mean come on! It's Chris Evans! But some people on the internet felt that there was someone else who should've gotten the coveted title. 

The magazine announced the big decision on November 8, 2022, writing on Instagram "Introducing PEOPLE’s #SexiestManAlive, #ChrisEvans," before adding a flame emoji. 

He should be the perfect pick, right? Well not for some people, who were still stuck on last year's winner Paul Rudd. 

Take Twitter user @bloodsimpIe, who was less than pleased. "Chris Evans being named People’s Sexiest Man Alive when it should actually be Paul Rudd every year in a row until further notice," they wrote. "Evans is fine but Rudd has that eternal somethin’ somethin’ going on," they wrote in a second tweet. Haha? Well for many people it was no joking issue, and many people agreed that Rudd is the clear choice. 

"The only time it should change is when he is no longer alive at which point he will be the 'Sexiest Man To Have Ever Lived,'" @lookatmyeyeball wrote. "Sexiest Man Alive in Perpetuity. Sounds more official," @krist117 agreed. "Or until he ages (which will never happen)," @ImJacksDejaVu joked. "You open the magazine expecting a shirtless centerfold but it's just the bit from Mac and Me that he plays on Conan," @Vel_Sparko kidded.

Even Evans' himself joke about the big shoes he had to fill on his Instagram page. 

"Thanks @people!! I think we can all agree that it's damn near impossible to follow in Paul Rudd's footsteps in any capacity, but I'll do my best," he joked. 

Whew, beauty AND a good sense of humor? We don't know Paul Rudd stans, we can all agree that Chris Evans is a good runner up — right? Right?