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Did They CGI Kim Kardashian’s Tears?

One eagle-eye viewer caught it.

Leave it to the viewers of The Kardashians to point something out from a recent episode that has now spiraled into a whole conspiracy theory. According to the video, you really can't believe everything you see on the Hulu show. Including some of Kim's tears, which the viewers claimed were totally fake. 

The clip in question was shared by the Gold Pill Podcast Instagram page (@primadonnasofthegutterpodcast) but was originally created by comedian @Michelle Driscoll.

The clip shows two viewers watching Kim on the TV in one of her confessional scenes while she's having a moment. But when the tears start to form, the women watching make a bold claim. "Wait, that — that's a fake tear," one of the women say from off-screen. "That's CGI, I'm not even kidding that's a CGI tear." 

Then the other viewer chimed in from behind the camera. "I know cause she doesn't touch it," she says. "She doesn't touch it!" the other woman agrees. Okay, she has a point.

"In this ever morphing world of reality and fiction it has become more difficult as each day passes to discern where the squiggly line is," the caption reads. "That being said, do we think the tear is CGI?"

Some people in the comments section were believers. "It’s a 1000000% CGI," one commenter wrote. "It’s funny cause when I watched it on YouTube I was like no way did they CGI a tear lol," another commenter chimed in. "Nothing you see from them is real. Absolutely nothing," someone else agreed. 

Although not everyone was convinced. "This is not CGI. I am literally a CGI artist. That would be crazy if they had a CG artist to this. If anything it would be footage off a tear tracked and comped on but even that is too much. It’s more logical to assume that’s she’s crying cause she’s sad for her sister," wrote one person. "I think her fake bottom lashes were falling off from the tear, and if she touched it the whole lash would have fallen off," another commenter pointed out. "Clearly you have never cried because my tears are massive and legit just pop out from the the centre every time. They plop out in that same space," a third commenter argued. 

It's definitely more fun to believe in some sort of conspiracy (or should we say — Konspiracy), but unless someone from the show fesses up we'll probably never know the truth.