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Casey Anthony Blames Dad For Death of Toddler In New “Tell All” Series

And people are not happy about the accusations

In an explosive three-part limited series, Casey Anthony is now claiming that her father is to blame for her daughter's death. The series, which airs on Peacock on November 29, is told from the now 36-year-old Casey's point-of-view. But not everyone online agrees with her claims. 

The backlash online was swift after a trailer for the series, Casey Anthony: Where The Truth Lieswas dropped on November 15.

As People reported, Casey made international headlines in 2008 when her 2-year-old daughter Caylee disappeared. Tragically, the young girl's remains were found in wooded area near the family home six months later. And Casey was charged in her daughter's murder. 

The case went to trial in 2011, during which time Casey's own legal team claimed that Caylee died while drowning in the family pool. Casey was ultimately acquitted of all charges in July 2011. Although she was convicted of four counts of providing false information to law enforcement, causing her to serve time in jail. 

Now so many years after this highly-publicized case, Casey is making new claims about what happened. Including claims that she was sexually abused by her father George Anthony and her brother Lee Anthony (claims which both George and Lee have denied in court and no charges have been brought against the two). 

Casey is also claiming that her father George caused Caylee's death, and did it to cover up alleged sexual abuse. Clearly not everyone believed her because people online were just not buying it.

"Gee...she supposedly knew exactly what happened to her child and risked going to jail, but decided not to tell the story to the court," wrote one suspicious person online. "Should have told the truth from the start! That baby should have been protected! That was your one job as her mom! To protect her! Guilty or not, YOU FAILED THAT BABY GIRL!!!!" another commenter exclaimed. "I see she’s still blaming everyone, but herself," someone else  agreed. 

Obviously people are dubious of these claims, but we'll have to watch the whole series before we can really judge.