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This Is a Pretty Solid Theory About Captain America’s “Return” to the MCU

It seems almost impossible to believe that Steve Rogers is really gone. But one man on TikTok has a solid theory on why Captain American might not be totally done with the MCU. In our opinion, TikTok creator @toy_blaster_forever was right on the money, but not everyone in the comments section was convinced. 

The TikToker frequently talks about Marvel theories on his page. But this one might take even the most diehard fans by surprise. See for yourself in the video below. 

"Endgame showed us that Steve Rogers used the quantum time technology to return all the stones and Thor's hammer, and he purposely did this all by himself," the TikToker explained. "So we're lead to believe he returned all the stones and lived happily ever after," he added. "But what if one stone wasn't returnable? What if he couldn't return the soul stone?" 

He continued that because the lives that were taken by the soul stone can't be returned, it's possible that Red Skull refused to take the stone back. Meaning that Cap was left responsible. "Steve had to keep that stone the whole time," he explained. "Steve Rogers became the new protector of the soul stone." 

The rest of the theory is even better, but you'll have to watch the footage to hear the whole thing.

People in the comments section were torn. "Best theory," @anya_lyanna wrote. "And Chris have said never say never to comeback to the MCU! Yes definitely will be seeing the og comeback!!!" @255.mst exclaimed. "It's a good theory not gonna lie!" @piggles44 chimed in. 

While other people weren't convinced. "I love Cap and Tony but I feel like their arc ended in endgame and marvel should keep it that way," @uglywoodenpotato explained. "They will not do this. It will go over the head of 90% of the audiences," @rayray_ldn argued. "No he spent his time with Peggy," @jabbypop pointed out. 

Obviously we won't really know unless it happens in one of the future Marvel movies, but we'd like to believe that we'll be seeing Steve Rogers again.