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People are Not Impressed After Candace Cameron Bure Says New GAF Channel Will Focus on "Traditional Marriages"

People were rolling their eyes.

Actress Candace Cameron Bure is sharing the latest details on her move from the Hallmark channel to her new network the Great American Family (GAF) — and some people aren't happy with her plans. One detail in particular has people online up-in-arms. And TBH, we don't blame them one bit. 

Bure might've struck the wrong note when speaking with the Wall Street Journal  about the big move on November 14. 

As the chief creative officer for the burgeoning network, Bure has a lot of sway about what programming will look like. And according to People, the 46-year-old Fuller House actress said her new network will be shying away from showing same-sex relationships. 

"I think that Great American Family will keep traditional marriage at the core," she explained.

"It's certainly the year 2022, so we're aware of the trends," Bure's partner, former Hallmark CEO Bill Abbott, elaborated. "There's no whiteboard that says, 'Yes, this' or 'No, we'll never go here.'" 

But while Abbott wasn't as quick to dismiss the idea of featuring same-sex love stories in the future, Bure's words are worrying to many. Especially LGBTQ+ couples who were so excited to finally see themselves in recent Hallmark movies and now will once again be shut out from similar wholesome content. 

On Twitter, the comments section was not feeling Bure's interview. "I’m glad she’s not with Hallmark anymore. Diversity isn’t her thing," wrote one person. "How traditional? Like trading your daughter for cattle traditional?" another person joked. "Lol glad to know that channel is nothing but bigots!! I’ll steer clear," someone else chimed in. 

The interview even really rubbed fellow actress Hilarie Burton Morgan the wrong way. So much so that she slammed Bure with an angry tweet online. 

"Bigot. I don’t remember Jesus liking hypocrites like Candy. But sure. Make your money, honey. You ride that prejudice wave all the way to the bank," the former One Tree Hill actress wrote on November 14.

We guess Bure isn't really concerned with representation. But that's okay, we were always more fans of Stephanie and MIchelle anyway.